This prodcut is made using Thai bananas direcly from our certified organic family farm in South FL.  Unlike all other freeze dried products on the market, ours has the highest nutrition and most flavor due to how small our operation is and our ability to allow each hand of banana to reach it's full potential before drying.


Freeze Drying retains 97% of the nutrients and since we start with the best fruit, we know we have the best product on the global market.     


As a small organic family farm, your direct support is appreciated and goes a long way.  

Thank You!


Case of 3 or 10

2 oz packages



Freeze Dried Banana

  • Hand Harvested, Hand Crafted, Hand Stamped

    Single Ingredient

    Grown in the U.S.

    Made with Certified Organic Bananas

    Field Ripened for Optimum Flavor and Nutrition

    25 yr shelf life

  • Please inquire for bulk pricing.