USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC TURMERIC - ***Includes New Turmeric Planting Guide***


Ships Starting January- Feb 2020 - theres no rush!  


At Three Sisters farm, we grow our turmeric for two seasons in order to obtain the largest and most potent rhizomes.  We believe ours is the highest quality USDA certiifed organic turmeric on the market.


We harvest and ship on the same day so that you receive the strongest medicine and planting material.


Due to the overwhelming amount of questions we receive about growing turmeric, this season we will be including a handy turmeric planting guide for temperate and sub-tropical climates with all orders.   


We have been growing and shipping our turmeric since winter of 2014 and we are proud to say that our seed has flourished all across the United States from Florida to Washington State and every state in between (except HI and AL).  


*The reason we delayed harvesting until January is because most of our customers are trying to grow it in temperate climates.  The longer we keep it in the ground the fresher, bigger, and better for northern gardeners to grow it in spring.





Fresh Turmeric

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